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Defines Pro-life as a political term. Reads, '"Pro-life" is a political term. When I say that I respect life, it does not mean that I vote for a candidate who claims to be "pro-life"...it means that I will support and vote for the candidate who honors human dignity through legislation and policies that allow people to work for just wages so they can provide the essentials of food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare for their families. Profits are to be the god of neither man nor corporation. The environment sustains life, but is not expendable. Firm diplomacy is better than war, and life without the possibility of parole is preferred to the death penalty. Respecting life also means that I view all of my decisions through the prism of human dignity.' A quote from Leslye Wrytes

Infant Creeper

Baby Bib

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Infant Tutu Bodysuit

Long Sleeve Creeper

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A-Line Baby Dress

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Long Sleeve Infant T-Shirts

Baby Layette Sleeper

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Infant Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt